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Vita Brite Exfoliation 


 Ascorbic, Mandelic and Papaya Enzyme Brighten and smooth skin texture. All skin types can benefit from this treatment including dry and dehydrated. 

Beta Exfoliation


Salicylic Acid, Hexylresorcinol, and Licorice extract reduce acne and even skin tone. This is a great option for a client with persistent breakouts. 


Scalp Treatment   $25

Relax tension and nourish your scalp with steam, scalp aromatherapy, 10 minute massage and high frequency comb. 

Ashley Esthetics in Peoria,Illinois Head Massage
Ashley Esthetics in Peoria,Illinois

Back Treatment   $50

Relax and give your back much needed attention! Includes: Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliation, 10 minute Massage, Treatment Mask and Final Hydration.


*Increase exfoliation by adding microdermabrasion for $30 

Bck Treatment

Vellus (non coarse) Facial Hair Removal Dermaplaning Alternative $20

Can be added to ANY facial treatment

Ashley Esthetics in Peoria,Illinois Facials
Facial Hair
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